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The Antigua Group, Inc. has a firm commitment to building strong sustainable relationships with all of our business partners. We believe our success over the past 40 years is directly attributable to our reputation as a leader in ethical business practices. The commitment is clear in the length of the relationships we enjoy with our customers, associates and our product. Antigua is committed to providing quality and value to our customers and the way we do so is by searching out business partners and suppliers who share our belief in ethical business practices. The Antigua Group, Inc. does not own or run any factories outside the United States. However, we do use Global Sourcing Standards that not only include setting high standards for quality and value, but also sets forth a mandate for labor practices and a supplier workplace code of conduct that all suppliers must adhere to. Further, all suppliers must agree to comply with these standards in writing before we will conduct any business with them. This code of conduct is the same code enforced at our own facility in Peoria AZ.